I have spent most of the last month away from the internet, enjoying nature, my parent’s farm and reading books. However, because of my university having online lectures starting this month, I’m forced to use it again. For now, I’m using it to access online lectures, trying to avoid surfing the internet to waste my time on useless thing. I’ll probably access it on weekend, mostly lainchan and to read manga or web novels.

I have decided to comment on the books, movies, manga, among other things I finished so I have something to talk about. Mostly, for myself, so I can remember what I thought about those when I finished it for the first time and compare to what I think about it after finishing it many times. Books, after all, are not made to be read only once. Some of those things will be heavy on spoiler, so people may want to avoid it if they have not finished it yet.

I think that is it for now.