The Tragedie of Machine

A play on two axes, by R. E. Steven

Enter three Phases: a, b, and c.

(a): When shall we three meet again,

In delta or in wye?

(b): Now that dq axes have been drawn

Now we've seen both Park and Kron.

(c): When the matrices are known

When the transformation's done.

All: Link with flux and link with turn

Coils are coupled, torque is won.

(Phases vanish)

Enter Student: A knocking within.

Student: Here's a knocking indeed.

Foul linkages are abroad

That do breed unnatural leakage.

That which hath made them drunk

Hath made me bold;

If I remember, in the first year I was told,

Of components unsymmetrical;

I'll square the matrix with a line called 'oh'.

Enter d and q coils.

d and q coils: Pseudostationary coils are we,

Of rotation we are free,

When the next pole round you see,

Our volts are not a mystery.

In a column, in a row,

Damper circuits we can show;

Scale of turns is kept in mind

If unit matrix you would find,

To give the power invariant.

Enter ghost of Blondel.

Student: Is this reaction which I see before me,

Acting on the gap and causing saturation?

Art thou not like phasors,

Daggers of the mind,

A false creating, synchronous in time?

In form as palpable as this which now I drawn,

That tells me both the phase and magnitude.

Can matrix conquer time and saturation,

That flux and current may vary in proportion

And differential forms can find solution?

O'er half the world these wicked dreams abuse

True Nature's mind

To satisfy the machinations of the algebraic kind.

Behn Eschenburg is dead, 'Tis Kron that rings the bell,

That summons thee to heaven or to hell.